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April 08

Why Have Bottoms and Leggings Become So Popular?

With all the media and fashion attention they've received over the past decade, you'd think yoga leggings (and their close cousin, tights) were a new invention. However, it would be a mistake to think that this is the first time leggings have become popular. Tights have been popular for thousands of years, and it seems that the trend is back. Today, it's no surprise that people are once again buying leggings and other form-fitting pieces more frequently.

Leggings have been around for a long time. Their relative popularity at different times in history even exceeds their popularity today. Of course, in addition to their appearance, today's leggings, tights and hosiery products have many advantages that historical examples do not. AOMI gives you a few reasons why leggings are now popular again.

yoga leegings

They are more comfortable thanks to modern materials

The fashion industry has certainly come a long way from rough wool and buckskin. Modern leggings and tights offer you unlimited freedom of movement, with all the options you could possibly want when it comes to warmth and breathability. From running marathons to relaxing on the couch, they provide unparalleled comfort during almost any activity.

They gain recognition quickly in the workplace

Literally, you can wear leggings for almost any activity. While it was an uphill battle at first, leggings and tights are now gaining widespread acceptance in workplaces around the world. Some brands even offer twill-textured leggings that are suitable for almost any business casual environment. Now you can stay comfortable in almost any work environment and look professional at the same time.

yoga leegings

High elastic Yoga sportswear

They're perfect for showing off a variety of silhouettes

While the ideal body type has been passed down from generation to generation, the comfort and versatility of leggings and tights have proven to be timeless. They can be used for a variety of looks and can flatter almost any body type. Although styles and trends have evolved over the past decade, the popularity of leggings and tights has not diminished in any way. Contrary to most other trends, they have only become more popular over time.

They safely shape your body

The new breed of leggings can be used to do more than just show off your figure - they can actually give you the shape and silhouette you want. These new varieties of comfortable shaping leggings pretty much ensure that these garments are more than just a fad.

yoga leegings

Yoga Pants sweat wicking high elasticity

They are very versatile garments

If leggings and tights haven't lost any of their popularity over the past few decades, it's because of their unparalleled versatility. They can be used as layering like regular pants, as part of smart casual wear, for a serious workout or to hang out around the house. There's no such thing as the right pair of leggings or tights that don't work for you.

In fact, leggings and tights have become more than just a temporary trend. They are now an essential part of many people's closets. Whatever your style, body type or functional requirements, finding the perfect pair of leggings or tights is now just a matter of minutes. Please contact us today for more info.