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March 10

What Makes the Perfect Pair of Yoga Leggings?

We talked to our staff to find out what makes a pair of yoga leggings so great that they'll never want to wear anything else again!

Rise to Perfection

Mid-waist or high-waist leggings are our favorite! With mid-waist leggings, you don't have to worry about your underwear showing or showing your hips when you bend over at the gym. They're not so high that you can't wear a skirt with them, and the waistband is in the perfect spot underneath the skirt where it's not too conspicuous.

They can be worn with almost anything. Pair them with your favorite plunging top for yoga class, or with your cutest oversized knit sweater for a fall trek to the market. Because waistbands are usually made of fabric only and have no stretch, high-waisted leggings are perfect for movement. They move easily with you.

yoga sports wear

Yoga Top + long leggings

Fully stretchable

This one is so hard! It's hard to figure out what the best fabric combination is, because there are so many options in the ever-evolving world of athletic wear. After lengthy testing, we chose a fabric consisting of 88% polyester and 12% spandex that offers some compression, but most importantly, amazing stretch and recovery. Active children and adults love being able to run, climb, build forts and exercise in leggings that don't restrict their range of motion.

Moisture wicking

Many people like to wear a good pair of fleece or wool thermal tights in the winter. However, for night out, spin classes or hiking, everyone we asked agreed that a fabric that wicks moisture away from the body is best. This is where polyester blends really excel, and cotton blends fall short. This is why sportswear, whether it's for the gym or the outdoors, is mostly made of synthetic fibers. In addition to naturally wicking away moisture, synthetics are quick drying and easy to care for.

yoga sports wear

Women yoga sport wear clothing


Anyone who loves bottoms knows that feeling you get when you find the best pair, and you want it in every color and pattern! It's not fun to find that amazing fit and then realize you can only buy gray leggings. We all want the standard colors like gray and black, but who doesn't love a little graphic design for the gym?


A pair of leggings will never be as magical as those jeans in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but basically everyone has leggings. Where many of us struggle with jeans (hip to waist ratio, or thigh to waist ratio), the stretch of leggings means they conform to many different body types. Our leggings stretch up and down the legs and body.

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