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June 23

Personal and Team Considerations for Basketball Suits

One of the best things about playing basketball is that you don't have to invest in a lot of equipment. Other than basketballs, the other basketball equipment you need to play the game is basic and relatively affordable. So, what is the best thing to wear to play basketball? You will need a basketball jersey, basketball shorts, and basketball shoes.

basketball wear

Personal purchases

Basketball Jerseys

Basketball shirts have evolved over the years as fabrics have gradually become lighter.

Today's available ultralight fabrics are durable and they should allow the player's skin to "breathe", providing ventilation to help keep the player cool and prevent overheating. A good jersey should "wick" away moisture to prevent players from sweating too much and becoming uncomfortable.

At the same time, the jersey should not be so absorbent that it traps sweat, which can cause the jersey to become heavier, thus adding unnecessary weight.

Basketball Shorts

Basketball shorts usually use the same fabric as the top of the jersey, but it is important that the bottoms are neither too snug nor too baggy.

Basketball shorts usually have an inner layer to better absorb sweat and prevent scuffing. The rubber waistband should not be too tight, otherwise it will cause discomfort during the game due to constant wear and tear from body movement.

Basketball shorts should be long enough to reach the kneecap. Lengths vary, but in general, longer shorts help keep thighs warm and prevent muscle cramps during games.

basketball wear

Team Buying Considerations

Professional Quality

When choosing gear for your team, you want to make sure it's made of professional-quality materials. Professional quality means that the company follows the same standards as semi-pro league and college teams. This quality of jersey is made from quality fabrics and has a detailed design with detailed lettering. Some teams are hesitant to purchase professional quality products because of the cost. However, it is possible to find companies that offer high quality sportswear at affordable prices.

Lightweight Fabrics/Materials

When choosing a team uniform, lighter fabrics are a good choice. These types of fabrics wick moisture away from the body. They are called breathable fabrics because they keep the body cool without overheating. Coaches can choose from a variety of fabrics, but NBA mesh and dazzle are the materials of choice for basketball uniforms.

Letters and Graphics

Teams have the option of sewing or dyeing on letters and graphics. Sewn on graphics and letters have a professional look and last longer. On the other hand, many companies are using new design techniques that allow graphics to be dyed directly onto the fabric. These graphics are less likely to come off when using dye techniques. Uniforms made with either method have a professional look and allow for more design options.

Color Schemes

Most coaches know the color scheme of their team before they purchase a jersey. The color is important because it represents your team. However, when choosing a color scheme, you should consider the league regulations. Many leagues and tournaments require teams to follow certain guidelines to prevent teams from having the same colors. It helps to find a company that offers a large inventory of various colors.


Comfort is important because performance depends on it. If a player is uncomfortable, he is more likely to perform poorly. Discomfort can hinder concentration, which can lead to poor performance. Some sportswear can also restrict a player's movements. For these reasons, you should avoid any athletic apparel that will make players feel uncomfortable and sweaty.

basketball wear

By 2017, the NBA arguably has the best jerseys in the world of sports. Extremely lightweight designs have come a long way since the wool uniforms used in the first basketball games. AOMI is a professional supplier that makes sports suits, we welcome your inquiries if you need to buy them.