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July 28

How To Match The Dress And Shoes Reasonably

In the summer, many women prefer to wear skirts, dress, cool and comfortable and light and airy feeling, and the feeling of wearing a dress in summer and winter is completely different, in this season we must wear a dress to show the perfection and charm of the individual.

Summer full of women in the street are wearing skirts, how to be more elegant show temperament? Women clothes supplier tells you: shoes and satchels can make the overall look have highlights.


1. The choice of shoes is recommended

When wearing a skirt, the choice of shoes should mostly be consistent with the style of the skirt, or with the overall style is the same. The color of the shoes are not too exaggerated, can be based on a simple black and white.

The height of the heel can also be chosen with height, if you do not like high heels, tall girls can pick shoes, both beautiful, but also very fashionable.


2, The best "dress" choice of different styles

The choice of dress can be based on the age of the individual, such as light mature style above the women prefer floral or more loose, while young women prefer with floral pattern, either with sneakers or single shoes are very beautiful and elegant.

floral elements: with sandals

For example, there is a feminine representative of the Mueller shoes, or Roman a word with sandals, these and floral dresses with the show is elegant feminine charm, and floral dresses and sneakers with the time, the show is more than a casual.

In general, the skirt with shoes, see what kind of style you like.

casual style: choose pure color

Casual style is particularly popular in the past two years, in the summer, casual style is more loose get, can interpret a fashionable charm, if you like this type of can be based on solid colors.

For example, blue dresses, with sandals or high heels, and a black handbag.

Women Short Sleeve V Neck Asymmetric Hem Waist Tight Midi Party Dress Vestidos Summer Dresses Vintage


3. How to use the skills to complete the match

cotton linen dress + flat sandals

As mentioned before, the sandals chosen try to be consistent with the style of the dress, in the summer elegant women prefer to wear simple styles and solid color patterns, then khaki dresses to match, relatively simple and everyday through the appropriate way to show a sense of elegance by showing skin, with a pair of flat lace-up sandals, very fashionable.

lack v-neck dress + heels

Summer sandals and dresses are the best partners, when wearing black dresses, try to have a certain amount of skin exposure, and black to form the role of mutual reflection. At the same time with a black sandals, the two colors belong to echo each other, so it will look more coordinated.

Women Summer Long Sleeve Single-breasted Side Split Shirt Large Swing Maxi Dress Shirt Dress Summer Elegant Dresses

Yellow dresses+bags with shade colors

The V-neck style dress is a very typical sexy type of collocation, but with checkered elements more modern retro, especially with the hair, more distinctive.

The bag with the same color, but different shades, very hierarchical, the end of the skirt belongs to the irregular design, more able to show a fashionable, low heel shoes show femininity and very senior.

Floral Print Dress Women Summer Sexy V Neck Beach Chiffon Dress Casual Ruffled Short Sleeve Button Mini Dress Loose Sundress


Summary: The dress worn in the summer is relatively thin, so the shoes have become the focus, in fact, no matter how to match the shoes are one of the key, in order to make the overall shape more coordinated, look more fashionable, must pay attention to the choice of shoes. 

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