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August 11

How to Match Different Colors of Sweatshirts

Girls, summer is halfway over, and fall is just around the corner. The weather this year is sometimes hot and sometimes cold, so when we usually wear clothes, we must pay attention to keep warm, this time the sweatshirt reflects its strength, simple and comfortable but also very warm, a variety of styles it is loved by women.


Today, I teach you, how to choose the color and style of hoodie, how to match, to be able to let you reveal the flavor of youth, immediately change the trend of fashion icon! Autumn clothes will show in the street!

Choose from the color

The color of clothes changes greatly every year, and the popular color of every year is also different. If you want to look good, you can follow the changes of the trend and make different choices every year. The color of clothes can even change a person's temperament!

1. Classic color

You can't go wrong with these three classic colors, black, white and gray. Every year, these three colors are very popular and have never been eliminated by the fashion industry.

And these three colors do not pick skin color, all kinds of skin girls can safely wear them~

black white

2. Bright color

Every year there are a few very unique colors in fashion, this year is no exception, see which one catches your eye!

(1) Coral powder

The color of powder powder has the breath of girl very much, a lot of little sisters do not escape the "temptation" of pink! Coral powder is a dark pink, not pick skin tone, wear on the body is very youthful oh ~

(2) yellow

Goose yellow a little white tone, wear on the body is very gentle feeling, very age reduction. When wearing yellow clothes, we must pay attention to the color of the lower body can not be dark, otherwise the overall collocation will look very dark.

(3) Lake blue

Lake blue is not afraid to clash with others. This color is super eye-catching, can see you in the crowd, the whole person's fashion level immediately increased.

(4) Warm orange

Warm orange has a warm sense of sunshine, very suitable for wearing now ~ although this color has the characteristics of bright color system, but it is not outstanding, very novel, wear on the body will give a person a kind of gentle charm, good-looking and fashionable ~

 blue pink

Hoodie wear

1. Hoodie + pleated skirt

Pleated skirts are very youthful and suitable for young girls to wear, especially those who want to show a lively feeling. Pleated skirts can be said to be the best choice. Spliced style of hoodie + short style of pleated skirt, very suitable for small girls, show tall also show thin ~

2. Hoodie + veil

The material of the gauze skirt determines that it looks very light, when choosing the gauze skirt, try to exceed the knee, the layers of the gauze skirt are more, the whole looks more complicated, so this set of collocation is more suitable for tall and slender girls, it will be absolutely beautiful after wearing!

3. Hoodies and wide-leg pants

Fleece and wide-legged pants outfit, is a kind of simple collocation, the collocation of regardless of what you figure, what the height is ok, wear in the body are good, the little girl can choose the appropriate nine points or eight wide-legged pants, from the overall proportions of the spin height above, vision looks tall and thin, a set of absolute value ~

new sweatshirt

Ok, that's all for today's amway hoodies. In fact, if you want fashion and beauty, the colors and styles of your clothes should not be old fashioned. Try on more youthful colors and styles of your clothes to match them with ease in AOMI.