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May 24

How to Choose the Best Features of Your Tracksuits

Tracksuit has been a huge success in the past few years. tracksuit has become a must-have fashion item in your closet. They consist of jogging pants and tracksuit jackets that are dry and casual. Depending on your taste, you can wear it as a whole or as a mix-and-match version. Combine materials, cuts and colors to bring a little creativity to your style.

AOMI gives you a little advice on how to best choose the features of your tracksuit.



Whether you are looking for men's or women's tracksuit, the material is the first factor to consider as it will affect your comfort level.

If you intend to use your tracksuit suit for high-intensity and regular exercise, we recommend choosing synthetic and technical materials such as viscose or polyester that help absorb and wick away perspiration. Subsequently, you will avoid the unpleasant feeling of dampness.

If you prefer comfort and softness, go for cotton! This naturally breathable material is perfect for gentle gym and Pilates enthusiasts. Afterwards, you can get a full workout in comfortable and easy-to-wear clothes, for example at home in cocoon mode!




Tracksuit clothing sizing is also a key factor to consider so that you feel happy wearing it no matter what your activity is, whether it is before or after a workout or at home. Therefore, your tracksuit must fit your body type and not be too loose or too tight. Complete men's tracksuit sets range in size from S to 4 XL and will fit most needs. As for complete women's tracksuit, they are available from XS to 3 XL. If you can't try on your tracksuit in the store, you can also buy it online! Visit the AOMI website and pick your favorite tracksuit!


If choosing the right workout clothes for you depends in part on your body type or athletic activity, then you must first feel at ease in your gear.

-A slim fit, which separates close-fitting clothes, is very popular right now. Nothing compliments your shoulders, thighs or calves better than well-fitting workout clothes, and that's even better if you train with weights.

On the other hand, a straight cut or regular fit is more widely worn. The entire jersey stays straight across the entire length of the body, except for being tight around the ankles. They are especially popular with the average runner.


Comfortable Options

Whether it's a sweatshirt top or bottom, we've thought of everything for your comfort:.

-Hood: Great for warm wraps or protection from a few drops of rain, but not always suitable for high-intensity activities. It can restrict you when performing certain movements.

-The zipper on the jacket: perfect for protecting your neck when you lift the high collar. If you get "hot under the collar", the zipper allows you to quickly remove the top.

-Pockets: Handy for storing locker keys or your smartphone. Most sweatpants and jackets have pockets that are more or less deep.



The colors of tracksuit are usually dark and neutral, so if you want to mix and match different clothes, you can match them with any other type of clothing. You will then be able to choose between a very classic black or navy blue tracksuit or a white suit. Two-tone tracksuits remain up-to-date, with side stripes extending the entire length of the garment or areas of different colors that contrast with the main color.

These are the tips we show you. AOMI is a custom tracksuit manufacturer for all your needs. Since our company built, we have been focusing on how to provide our clients with top quality sports tracksuits that satisfy all their needsPlease contact us today to get your custom suits, we also have yoga sports series for sale.