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July 09

Are Tight Yoga Pants Good for You?

We've all seen celebrities walking around in tight yoga pants looking great. They're definitely stylish, but you have to wonder if the clothing is really appropriate for working out in the gym or studio? 

If you're interested in buying some yoga pants, read on to find out if they're really right for your workout - and some potential risks to consider. 

Loose vs. Tight

There is no definitive answer as to whether tight or baggy pants are better for yoga. It all depends on how you work out and what you want to achieve on your mat.

The advantage of tight-fitting yoga pants is the slight compression effect you get from the snug fabric. This helps keep the blood flowing and provides you with power where you need it most.

Sure, some yoga pants are so tight that you'll overheat, but that usually comes down to the fabric blend you choose. Ideally, you'll find breathable materials that allow you to sweat but also regulate your body temperature.

If you're hesitant to buy super tight yoga pants, we recommend that you value comfort over tightness and find a pair of leggings that fit you without interfering with your breathing or restricting your movement. 

High elastic Yoga sportswear

High elastic Yoga sportswear

Size is everything

If you're like most of us, you always try a smaller size first before choosing the next size up. You might get away with wearing skinny jeans that are too small in size, but when it comes to yoga pants, it's not worth sacrificing your comfort to look a certain way. 

If you're uncomfortable in any way - waistline, thighs or hips - you're missing out on what yoga was originally intended to be. We know how hard it can be to find the perfect fit, but when you find the right brand or style, it's well worth the wait. Don't get discouraged! Keep trying different brands, styles and sizes until you meet your match. Your reward is comfort, performance and peace of mind knowing you have a quality pair of pants to support you through the toughest of training sessions. 

5-point Yoga Pants

5-point Yoga Pants 

Safety Factor

Yoga pants are designed with comfort in mind, so even tight-fitting yoga pants can be super comfortable. However, that doesn't mean that wearing something too tight doesn't pose some potential health risks.

Just like everything else in life, balance is key. The same goes for wearing tight yoga pants or any other type of tight clothing. If you push the boundaries and put your body under unnecessary stress, it could backfire.

Your clothing choices can affect your physical and mental health, and that's no joke - we're talking about proper circulation, muscle contraction, and even the function of vital organs in your abdomen. 

Don't worry about the dangers of tight yoga pants-as long as you choose the right fit, you've got nothing to fear! Better yet, if you don't fit, identify the discomfort and listen to your body. It is important to know if the pants are too tight and causing unnecessary injury. 

 Yoga Pants shorts high elasticity

Yoga Pants shorts high elasticity


Too tight? Too loose? Just right? Don't find this bothersome. Fit and fabric are everything, and a little extra style never hurts. At AOMI, we offer a sportswear subscription box that fits all of your unique specifications. Size, fit, athletic style, fashion preference, contact us and we'll send you a selection of apparel you'll love.